Australian Agile Coaching Community

Welcome to the community of Australian Agile Coaches. This is not a certified point by any means, it is a point of polarisation to connect the breadth and vastly spread out great agile coaches in Australia.

On 8th September 2013 Dave and Stuart Bargon hosted Australia’s first Agile Coach Camp as inspired by the northern hemisphere crew The Sydney team will be establishing an Incorporated Association shortly to collate the photos, notes, details and establish themselves to host camps again in the future.

Spawning from a session on the moral and ethical responsibilities of an agile coach an agreement that Australia needs to have a community of practice, a place of guidance for up and coming agile coaches, a space for investigating tough questions – even sponsoring studies to gather statistical evidence, and an agreed set of agile coaching principles and / or code of ethics.

This space, place, entity, sub-culture, community whatever we choose to create it to be is starting now.

We are calling upon agile coaches in our region to expression their interest to create the community we want, to contribute to the conversation in and / or support out, or to be a recipient of the serving it will provide.

Every great community has it’s stand for what it values; the Agile Manifesto, Scrum principles, Lean house principles, the International Coaching Federation, The Australian Psychological Society, and even your local club has one. So what is it that you stand for as an agile coach helping others?