#JAFAC – Just Another Fabulous Agile Conference 2016

http://www.jafac.nz/Just Another #$%^ Conference

When someone puts on a conference & calls it Just Another f*&%#ng Agile Conference I had to show up!! The fact it’s hosted by the Nomad8 crew was all the more inviting – a great team of coaches inspiring agile benefits all over New Zealand.


The line up for #JAFAC on day one included a diverse group of speakers and topics; agile related, yet not purely agile dependent. A refreshing format for JAFAC!


Day One Speakers Included;


Day Two Open Space

JAFAC-Auckland-Agile-Open-Day-PitchJimmy Janlen of team Nomad8 did a fantastic job hosting the open space, one of the best i’ve experienced. I took the opportunity to practice speaking and engaging an audience on one of my favourite topics ‘Coaching Leaders’ as well as inviting co-creators to design a new Lean Debate Game.


Learnings from Just Another Fabulous Agile Conference

JAFAC Auckland Agile Open Day Te Miha Ua-CooksonTe Miha Ua-Cookson
Te Miha is leading agile within the New Zealand Government Public Workforce and taking a stand for continuously innovating on how services can be better piloted, distributed and improved throughout communities.


20160422-JAFAC-Auckland002-6Sandy Mamoli, Team Nomad8
It’s refreshing to hear a talk about great teams from an ex-olympian who has experienced the lows and triumphs of an Olympic winning handball team. Sandy shares her pragmatic experiences as techniques for agile teams to leverage to better build performance and team harmony.


Stephen Campbell, Writer -Director.
I’ve long been a fan of the Hero Journey as a tool for understanding human adventures, triumph and building great stories. www.reach.org.au, where I supported workshops and mentored teenagers, based much of their five week programs around the premise of the hero’s journey. It was good to hear from a producer who explores the journey and different example of the human condition – such parallels in agile.


Nick Parfene –Head of Mobile, TradeMe
An engaging speaker that gets the audience involved and thinking from the get. As Nick went through he’s talk he’d open the opportunity to call out mobile app ideas and the audience got to call out ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ as a way to get immediate feedback on whether an app is actually worth building! ….some clever ideas come up too.


20160421-JAFAC-Auckland001-56Christine DelPrete
Head of Agile, TradeMe
This was such an enjoyable and funny talk. Super inspired by Christines story of reinvigorating the Agile USA volunteer engagement. She repackaged the dwindling experience to pitch extreme lean experience and put the problem back to agilists on how they’d solve packing all the 100s of gift bag. The competitive learning experience sped up the packing process by three. Who would have thought!