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Stephanie BySouth is an engaging, creative and insightful public speaker at national events & international conferences. As a visual story teller Stephanie brings to life topics on leadership, high performing teams, lean agile enterprise transformations, and the optimal professional.

Next Public Speaking Event:


Just Another F@#$ing Agile Conference

Just Another #$%^ Conference

Agile Australia 2017

Agile Australia 2017 Agile Leadership




Previous Conferences:

  • 2017 1St Conference, StartUp Product Discovery with Playing Lean
  • 2016 LAST Conference, Accelerate Team Collaboration with Lean Debate
  • 2015 Scrum Shanghai, Values – Where Team Synergy Begins
  • 2015 Agile Coach Camp Group sessions, Melbourne.
  • 2015 Agile Coaching Circles, Melbourne. Women In Agile.
  • 2014 Scrum Australia, Sydney. Scrum Values Agile Culture
  • 2014 LAST, Melbourne. Wholehearted Lean Agile Leadership
  • 2014 Agile Coaching Circle, Melbourne. Lean Agile Leadership Coaching Program
  • 2013 LAST, Melbourne. Agile Culture & Power of Coaching
  • 2013 Agile BA Meet up, Melbourne. Introducing Agile Coaching
  • 2013 Kaizen Camp, Melbourne. Lean Culture
  • 2013 Agile Coaching Circles, Melbourne. Coaching Conservations
  • 2010 Scrum Community Meetup, Adelaide. Founding Organiser
  • 2010 Project Management Institute, Adelaide. Agile Opportunity for Business

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