Leroy Madison Designer Dog Products Online Pet Store

The founders of Leroy Madison were unimpressed with the dog products being imported to Australia, even the online pet stores and designer dog stores were not satisfying. All the products appeared to be mass produced and none seemed to reflect our personalities nor our dogs individuality. What they really wanted was a product that was unique and stood out from the rest.

The Leroy Madison Designer Dog Products team went looking for manufactures from all over the world but we could not find the creative quality we were satisfied with and nor could we fathom having to order over a thousand dog collars, especially with the average styles we continually found in our search and the bulk ordering we were required to do only highlighted the mass production arena we wanted to avoid.

Hence the passion to design and create high quality handmade designer dog products began.
Our inspiration comes from both of our dogs Leroy (Golden Retriever aka Mr Personality) and Madison (Chocolate Kelpie – The Ol’ Gal). They are now united to share our creative talents and high quality products with all those who love dogs and style. Our designer dog products are available in our online pet store and select retail outlets.

Transitioning Project Manager to Scrum Master

A Scrum Master can be born from any industry and any role.

The characteristics to be a Scrum Master don’t include the pre-requisite to be a dictating leader. However, as many software development departments are transitioning to Agile Delivery methodologies they are starting with the Project Management Office. Project managers are required to be organizers, strong leaders with an inherent level of logic to be able to direct the team and allocate out the tasks. In contrast Scrum Masters are servants to the outcomes and the scrum team is self-organising, so therefore collectively self-directing.
Everybody needs a little help
So what does this mean for project managers turned scrum master that are used to taking the bull by the horns?
Making the transition from wrangler to herder is actually a big personality and behavior shift for most project managers.

The project manager must relinquish control!

“Huh” you say.

The epiphany I had was that I needed to relinquish control to allow for the team take control themselves. The team needs the space to be able to become accountable, to take control of their own outcomes, quality and contribute to fluid productivity. Along the transition you will need to have your own epiphanies to become a great scrum master, here’s a few to be aware of.

1. It’s not solely up to you to design and deliver the solution. Present problems to the team, facilitate the team creating the solution.
2. Let go of some of your stronghold behaviors; detach from rigid outcome and allow the team to own their own results.
3. Be open to the learning journey, the time required to learn, to tackle through unknowns. Don’t judge to quickly. Iterative delivery allows for mistakes to be made early so they can be fixed earlier.
4. Embrace silence, don’t force responses. Give time for people to think, and time for people to speak through their thoughts
5. Challenge yourself and the team to go beyond reasonable expectation, nudge the boundaries!

Good luck and be open to becoming a calm assertive leader.

We have more Agile Project Manager Resources to help with the journey.

Carly Fiorina

    Carly Fiorina
    Wow. Wow. Wow
    Stanford University Leadership Series

    This recording was done a while back and would easily be the BEST expression and summary of key traits, behaviours and elements of great leadership- of not only companies but also of humanity.

    You may recall her supporting Robert mCainn’s presidential campaign recently which Obama ended up winning.
    But prior to her recent public office efforts Carly was CEO of Hewlett Packard at the time they merged with campaq. Carly is also now breast cancer survivor Carly will be running for office.

    ” The ONLY woman to lead a top fortune 20 company ”

    Carly was a 1976 Stanford Graduate, then law school drop out who was quite happy being a secretary.

    “Until one day two people saw the possibility of me” … And that is the essence of leadership – see…&…. Cease the possibility.”

    “The thing that dingstinguishs succesful people is what they do with their fear…
    The essence of entrepreneurialship is the ability to take risks, business is about taking risks.”

    There are soo many gems and insights in this 1hr plus podcast. It is incredibly compelling material that makes you sit upstraight and think wow it’s possible to be amazing “against the momentum that works against you”

    If you only listen to one of the Stanford leadership series – this is it!!

    You will gain insight into leadership and the power of change from an elder with vast and profound experience.

    “this is the first centaury in the history of mankind that we can do anything we choose to do. We can…”

Finally! A website and a blog in one – a blog-site?

Blog-site! What on earth is that?

A blog site is a dual purpose business website and blog that can be administered from a single backend Content Management System.

Think circa 2000 when everyone just had a website, and just had to have their brand on the Internet, had to, had to, had to….

It’s 2010 and Internet penetration is peaking in Australia, Internet usage is incredible compared to when we grew up and the ability for businesses to differentiate themselves seems to be getting harder all the time. It’s no longer just having a website – it’s also about ranking well in search engines, about communicating with your visitors, and about marketing yourselves further then ever before.

The good news is that the Internet still hands down is a more affordable marketing tool with greater value return than print marketing.

A market leading option is to provide a better return on visit (ROV) for your customers and you can do this by providing content that is;

  • relevent to your field ( don’t be what u r not)
  • sticky – interesting enough to entice visitors to return again and again
  • fresh – why would customers engage with you, do u have the latest ‘expertise’ knowledge behind you to warrant me buying your product?

Sounds like more work? It isn’t if you use the write tool for your business.

A blog-site with a simple backend CMS allows you to manage your content constantly and blog regularly to keep you fresh, sticky, and relevent in one simple location.

After years of working with big corporate systems, certified microsft systems, custom builds and open source tools. The best I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing is WordPress, and wordprss alone.