Stephanie BySouth | Web Usability – Advanced Common Sense
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Web Usability – Advanced Common Sense

Advanced Common Sense is the home of Web Usability Guru – Steve Krug. His website; is a good resource for agile teams, Lean UX professionals, and web designers to leverage on their lean agile transformations. Jeremie Benazra is a smart lean agile coach who recommends visiting Steve Krugs website to assist agile teams to better understand the differences between demo, showcase, feedback gathering and actual time-boxed reviews.

The Advanced common sense website is full of useful advice and practical tools includeing;

  • The do it yourself guide to finding and fixing usability problems
  • A common sense approach to web usability
  • Workshops to dramatically improve the web usability and return on investment for your website
  • Interviews on User testing on the web, and mobile use testing
  • Excerpts from Steve Krugs book; Surgery made easy: The do it yourself guide to finding and fixing usability problems
  • Common Sense blog also includes pre-writings from his great book Dont Make Me Think

I’d be interested to hear your opinion on lean ux and how better to uplift the capabilities of agile teams so that usability and voice of the customer are part and parcel of everyday way of working.


Steve Krug - Don't Make me think