Helping  leaders liberate performance.

The age of disruption is really the age of opportunity. While some are caught up in the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguous mindset, others are leveraging the incentive to innovate business structures, experiment in product opportunities and liberate the way their people work. Stephanie works with those people. The ones that see opportunity in challenge, who know ‘it doesn’t have to be this hard’ and who want ways to cut through all that noise.

Innovative people Stephanie works with

Agile Enterprise

Transformation Strategy, Product Roadmap & Delivery, Management

Business Leaders

liberate your leadership edge and transform team performance.

StartUp Founders

Operational Strategy, Product Roadmap, Business Model Discovery

Women in IT

Aspiring leaders, professional innovators and STEM navigators.


Stephanie speaks to the power within us, insightful, humorous and pragmatically enlightening.
Highly tailored to the unique needs of the audience and the specific aims of the event.
Stephanie is often asked to facilitate high-level events, curate insightful panel discussions and guide the overall learning design of conferences.


Collaborative, engaging and challenging.

Masterclasses for leadership teams to delivery teams. Including the IDEA Suite! Innovating Products, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurism and Agile