Stephanie BySouth

Thoughtful Leader shaping Business Agility – Money, Meaning, and momentum for what matters in the world of modern business.

Author of Business Agility Insights

Speaking Soon

Frontier Leadership. Manage the work, Lead the people.
Being a leader in the pace of business agility can be challenging. One of the biggest problems is the overload in expectation, information and time frustration. I see great people don’t fully understand their optimum leader style and are trying to do what worked for others. Firstly, it has a massive energy and personal integrity drain. Secondly it directly depreciates the professional and business worth.


Cross-cultural upbringing, cross industry experience; from advertising to fin-tech, cross business experience; from sme to international corporation. Stephanie is no ordinary advisor, she made a conscious choose to not Master in Business Administration but Master in Business Agility through diverse experience.


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