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Stephanie has invested her career in liberating the genius in business leadership and amazing teams. Everyday practising a  passion for conducting a symphony of operational proficiency in global digital businesses that leave a wake of wealth, wellbeing and wonder.

In other words, I help people laugh, love, live wealthy and learn well in the world of global digital business.

With over 20 years leading teams and advising executive strategy Stephanie is personally experienced on the challenges of leadership accountability and team performance. While many call themselves leadership experts, I’m a firm believer you are not a leader without a team. Focusing on the relational balance between the two within a supportive operational system is the distinctive leverage Stephanie brings to your business.

Steph’s first business was in Design & Advertising in the 90s. Entering Digital at the frontier of the dotcom era, she brought across the world of fast business, visual communication and product innovation.

Helping businesses as an Agile Enterprise Coach, Steph went on to lead great teams at great brands such as and

As part of the senior advisory team, Steph’s roles as Head of Product & Head of IT at Artshub and ListGlobally gave her the business leadership experience to truly understand leading high performance means.

Steph always loves a coffee and a chat, connect with the team to make a time:

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