The Person

 “Powerful, graceful and with a sense of humour”.

Hi and thanks for visiting my website.

I’m a modern day liberator, artist and weightlifter. Helping people liberate their ways of working, leading business and living simpler.  I help aspiring leaders and innovative business do this through speaking, coaching and teaching.


It all first started when I was a kid travelling from school to school and country to country, I became fascinated with the 100s of different perspectives and ways of doing things – even the simple way we greet each other.

Whether it’s creatively, operationally or economically I’m always seeking that simpler path and supporting others to find theirs too.


I share my insights from the people I learn from and the pragmatic experiences we’ve discovered. Join our community and learn from what we’ve discovered in my Insights Authouring:


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Steph’s first business was in Design & Advertising in the 90s. Entering Digital at the frontier of the dotcom era, she brought across the world of fast business, visual communication and product innovation.

Helping businesses as an Agile Enterprise Coach, Steph went on to lead great teams at great brands such as and

As part of the senior advisory team, Steph’s roles as Head of Product & Head of IT at Artshub and ListGlobally gave her the business leadership experience to truly understand leading high performance means.

Steph always loves a coffee and a chat, connect with the team to make a time: